Convert pdf file to html file

Two methods for converting the pdf  file into html file

  1. Use online converter :
  2. Install poppler-utils in Ubuntusudo aptitude install poppler-utils. This will complete the installationUsing pdftohtmlpdftohtml Syntaxpdftohtml [options] [pdf file] [html file]

             For more help : $ pdftohtml -h

A summary of options are included below:

-h, -help – Show summary of options.

-f – first page to print

-l – last page to print

-q – don’t print any messages or errors

-v – print copyright and version info

-p – exchange .pdf links with .html

-c – generate complex output

-i – ignore images

-noframes – generate no frames. Not supported in complex output mode.

-stdout – use standard output

-zoom – zoom the pdf document (default 1.5)

-xml – output for XML post-processing

-enc – output text encoding name

-opw – owner password (for encrypted files)

-upw – user password (for encrypted files)

-hidden – force hidden text extraction

-dev – output device name for Ghostscript (png16m, jpeg etc)

-nomerge – do not merge paragraphs

-nodrm – override document DRM settings