Convert TeX file to html

Convert TeX file to html file using command :

$ htlatex filename.tex

It will create html file, css file and dvi file and other related files. This command is beneficial for making documentation. There could be more benefits of it but I used it for only documentation purpose 🙂


Convert pdf file to html file

Two methods for converting the pdf  file into html file

  1. Use online converter :
  2. Install poppler-utils in Ubuntusudo aptitude install poppler-utils. This will complete the installationUsing pdftohtmlpdftohtml Syntaxpdftohtml [options] [pdf file] [html file]

             For more help : $ pdftohtml -h

A summary of options are included below:

-h, -help – Show summary of options.

-f – first page to print

-l – last page to print

-q – don’t print any messages or errors

-v – print copyright and version info

-p – exchange .pdf links with .html

-c – generate complex output

-i – ignore images

-noframes – generate no frames. Not supported in complex output mode.

-stdout – use standard output

-zoom – zoom the pdf document (default 1.5)

-xml – output for XML post-processing

-enc – output text encoding name

-opw – owner password (for encrypted files)

-upw – user password (for encrypted files)

-hidden – force hidden text extraction

-dev – output device name for Ghostscript (png16m, jpeg etc)

-nomerge – do not merge paragraphs

-nodrm – override document DRM settings