Six weeks training

Day 1: 31st May 2011

This is first day of my six weeks trianing under the guidance of Dr.H.S.Rai in TCC(Testing and Consultancy cell).

my project is”souvenir”(yaadein: Preserving memories) based on django, php, latex.

  • insatlled ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop
  • learned few basic  commands of unix (cal, cat, cd)
  • installed phpmyadmin
  • installed python 2.7
  • installed django 1.3
  • download souvenir(Yaadein: Preserving memories)
  • learned sharing of network
  • read first tutorial of django

Day 2:1st june,2011

  • installed LATEX
  • installed LAMP
  • read some basics of python
  • learned more commands of unix
  • how to compile a source code

Day 3: 2nd june,2011

  • learned about latex
  • create pdf file using latex commands
  • install drupal 7.0
  • install doxygen
  • install gcc compiler and learned how to compile program in it

Day 4: 3rd june,2011

  • learned more about latex and created a table
  • learned how to configure apache and mysql with django

Day5: 4th june, 2011

  • start first application of django naming poll
  • created an account on server
  • And learned few commands related to it

Day 7: 6th june,2011

  • continued poll application of django
  • And complete second tutorial of djando
  • installed gftp

Day 8: 7th june,2011

  • learned how to work on server
  • learned how to make sh file and its execution
  • faced a problem of localhost

Day 9: 8th june,2011

  • prepared  the presentation
  • designed the blog
  • faced the problem of setuid

Day 10: 9th june,2011

  • attended the presentations
  • tried to solve the problem of setuid but not solved

Day 11: 10th june,2011

  • read the tutorial of latex
  • learned how to include image in the document

Day 12: 11th june,2011

  • due to sudo problem , reinstalled ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop
  • made the form of sceer size of laptop on google docs

Day13 : 12th june, 2011(sunday)

  • this day i was totally free

Day14 : 13th june,2011

  • installed latex
  • installed django
  • installed lamp server
  • started poll application and completed upto 3 tutorials

Day 15:14th june , 2011

  • completed poll application of django
  • started latex

Day 16 :15th june,2011

  • continued with latex

Day 17:16th june,2011

  • partially souvenir(  having an error)
  • learned more about latex
  • learned josm

Day 18:17th june, 2011

  • tried to solve the problm of souvenir

Day 19: 18th june,2011

  • attended the event “Hack the map”

Day 20: 19th june,2011

  • online mapping of my hometown

Day 21:20th june,2011

tried to solve the problem of souvenir

Day 22: 21th june,2011

  • attented the presentation of latex given by bhavneet sir
  • attented the lecture of H.S.Rai on Latex
  • learned alot about latex

Day 23: 22nd june,2011

  • made a pdf file in latex of various shapes
  • installed the Souvenir on my laptop

Day 24:23rd june,2011

  • installed the Souvenir on sandeep’s laptop
  • made the pdf file (form)
  • done the documentation of Souvenir

Day 25: 24th june,2011

  • made the google doc ‘documentation of souvenir’
  • modified the souvenir package
  • read the documentation of site

Day 26: 25th june,2011

  • made the index page in latex
  • made an account on github
  • learned how to use it and purpose of it
  • read some files of souvenir

Day 27: 26th june,2011(sunday)

  • update my blog
  • And made the corrections in documentation of souvenir

Day 28: 27thjune,2011

  • read the file of souvenir ikram.tex
  • made the account on Dropbox and download it
  • laerned about touch command
  • learned how to use GNDEC sms service

Day 29:28th june,2011

  • installed souvenir on Davinder’s laptop
  • helped the civilians regarding latex
  • installed Gndec sms sevice on my laptop
  • learned how to increase upload php file size
  • learned about the package eso-pic

Day 30:29th june,2011

  • learned about positioning of table
  • learned about package blind tex
  • learned about flipping of image,side caption,wrapping text around image
  • run ikram.tex file of souvenir
  • learned how to compile .run files

Day 31: 30th june, 2011

  • learned how to merge 2 and 1/2 columns
  • added video in latex
  • added links in latex
  • made the presentation on latex

Day 32: 1st july, 2011

  • learned more about latex like add watermarks in latex document
  • attended the presentations

Day 33: 2nd july, 2011

  • insatlled emacs
  • attended the presentation
  • learned how to delete a line in vim

Day 34: 3rd july, 2011

  • installed auctex
  • added the ssh keys on
  • learned about ~/  . This means home directory

Day 35: 4th july, 2011

  • cleared the difference between cmyk and rgb
  • learned about grep command
  • new commands :

ls / -R | wc -l ,   $ ls / -R | wc -l &

  • made one change in souvenir software

Day 36: 5th july, 2011

  • installed souvenir on rupinder’s laptop
  • helped harman in installation of souvenir

Day 37: 6th july, 2011

  • read some files of souvenir software
  • helped Harman in installation of souvenir
  • enjoyed b’day party

Day 38: 7th july, 2011

  • learned new linux command sent by rupinder

Day 39: 8th july, 2011

  • read computer.php file
  • Bhavneet sir helped me in understanding the files of souvenir

Day 40:9th july, 2011

  • read other files of souvenir
  • retreived the data from phpmyadmin

Day 41: 10th july, 2011

  • read the files like ikram.tex and other related files

Day 42: 11th july, 2011

  • attended the presentations
  • done half work of all cover pages of souvenir

Day 43: 12th july, 2011

  • worked on souvenir 2011
  • made the script of all cover pages

Day 44: 13th july, 2011

  • worked on souvenir 2011
  • upload the documentation of souvenir

Day 45: 14th july, 2011

  • worked on souvenir 2011

Day 46: 15th july ,2011

  • made the presentation
  • worked to get the output file of data fetched from databse

Day 47:16th july, 2011

  • Attended the seminar

Day 48:17th july, 2011


Day 49:18th july, 2011

  • Started the documentation of imposition of cover pages
  • learned how to change the image format

Day 50:19thjuly, 2011

  • continued with imposition
  • Attended the seminar on latex

Day 51:20th july, 2011

  • completed the documentation of impostion of cover pages
  • worked on some scripts related to souvenir

Day 52: 21th july, 2011

  • made the documenation in latex
  • convert pdf file into html
  • learned a new command (how to link two folders)

Day 53: 22nd july, 2011

  • Completed the documentation for cover pages
  • convert tex file to html
  • tried to install souvenir on experimental but got an error:
ImportError at /accounts/profile/edit/personal/
The _imaging C module is not installed

Day 54: 23rd july, 2011

  • Solved the problem by installing python imaging  :sudo apt-get install python-imaging
  • Replaced Title ‘Souvenir 2011’ with yaadein

Day 54: 24th july, 2011

  • started to make the documentation of making of souvenir

Day 55: 25th july, 2011

  • learned how to retrieve the images from media files and change the format of images
  • helped prabhjot in making of presentation

Day 56: 26th july, 2011

  • Got the problem of rezising of images
  • tried to solve it

Day 57: 27th july, 2011

  • Tried many scripts to resize and crop the images

Day 58: 28th july, 2011

  • learned how to use gimp at command line
  • tried gimp scripts o resize images

Day 59: 29th july, 2011

  • solved the problem of size of images
  • Made the presentation and report

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