Six Months Training

I am doing six months training in TCC( testing and consultancy Cell) in GNDEC, Ludhiana under Dr. H.S. Rai.

Whatever I am doing in the training, I briefly explaining here as Daily diary

First week: From 1st June, 2012 to 6th June, 2012

On the first day I came to know about lime survey. It is a wonderful software.

I installed it on my system and created a survey with the help of rimpy garg.

Lime survey stores the data in different tables but I need all data in single table. I learned about how to create a views in the database.

But facing a problem regarding this.

I made an application for making of certificates for multiple people in LaTeX

7th June, 2012 (Thursday)

Today we organised a meeting for 1st and 2nd year students to motivate them to use FOSS. So we have to prepare a presentation or speech to motivate them. I prepared a presentation on LaTeX. Some GD members shared his/her experience about how they switched from windows to linux. The meeting ended with the speech of our respected Sir, Dr. H.S. Rai.

After that I was given a task to install FELT

8th June, 2012 (Friday)

I am still unable to install FELT.

Also helped Madam Raninder Kaur in prepairing a synopsis in LaTeX.

9th June, 2012 (Saturday)

Finally I installed the FELT on my system.

After lunch attended a seminar on how to make wordpress plugin and on odtphp.

I also learned how to use more citation options in bibliography in LaTeX.

22nd June, 2012 (Friday)

Went for a trip to Rajgarh.

23rd and 24th June, 2012 (Saturday, Sunday)

On these two days we are free to take rest after a long journey.

My experience of trip:

It was an amazing trip. We enjoyed a lot. At early morning, we started our journey from Ludhiana to Rajgarh. The first stopped at pinjaur garden for breakfast. We ate ‘Chidve’ made by Rai Sir’s wife. Thanks to mam for this delicious breakfast. We also clicked some pics there. There is awesome scenes to be clicked. After one and half hour we continued to Rajgarh  via Solan. We reached at one of the Peach valleys. When I got out of the bus and watched the scene of that valley, I just say wow!! It was a serene beauty of nature. At this place, people come for camping and tracking and enjoying  waterfalls. We enjoyed there a lot. It was calm ful place. I feel that beauty of nature very closely. I just dip my feet in water and closed the eyes and felt like out of this world. I didn’t go for tracking because I wore uncomfortable foot wears. I was just watching my friends the way they were tracking. After some time we all  sit together and ate mangoes with singing songs. It was a great fun. Then we left that place and then went to Baru Saahib. I was just surprised to see how they establish the whole organisation in the a?era of hills and spread the Sikhism!. There we ate ‘Guru ka langar’ with tea. 🙂 Due to shortage of time we didn’t go further.We decided to come back. Anyway it was memorable trip. We also enjoyed in the bus during journey. We played many games like antakshri, damsheraj and dancing too. 🙂 We ate the dinner at near about 1’o clock. Finally we reached hostel. journey was too long. We all felt very tired. But everyone was happy for the successful trip. I never forget these memorable moments.

Thanks to All GD members and specially to Rai Sir.

25th june, 2012 (Monday)

We have given a task to design a website for IGS( Indian Geotechnical Society), Ludhiana. using wordpress. We are four students who are working on this project. We are given different tasks to do. I was given to check that by placing whole folder of wordpress on different server working or not without doing nothing. Also got to know about the plugins which make the website mobile compatible.

26th June, 2012 (Tuesday)

Today I decided to prepare a presentation to teach my colleagues about making of presentation and report in LaTeX.   I end up my presentation with all the stuff so that I can tell them in easy way with live examples.

27th June, 2012 (Wednesday)

Delivered a presentation on beamer and latex with live examples. I too got a chance to improve my knowledge about LaTeX. It was like discussion type. After this seminar every one is ready to make their presentations and report in LaTeX.

Here is the link of my presentation:

Template for report:

Template for presentation in beamer:

From 28th June, 2012 to 1st June, 2012


From 2nd July, 2012 to 5th July, 2012

Working on IGS website. As we are given a task to just polish a website not to add the content. i have done the following tasks according to requirement :

1.Selected the theme: Twenty eleven

1. Installed a plugin to add latest news on sidebar as a widget. Plugin name is  News announcement scroll: This plug-in will create a vertical scroll news or Announcement for your word press site, we can embed this in site sidebar, Multi language support.

2. Shifted the menu bar at the of header images.

3. Removed the search box from the top and put home and contact us button there.

4. Added the logo in the header against the title.

Thats it. Though I have done little work But learned a lot about wordpress. Also came to know abou the plugin: NextGEN Gallery which is used to add the photo gallery. Here is the link of the site:

6th July, 2012 (Friday)

Today we enjoyed a lot. Went for watching movie ‘Jatt and Juliet’ in SRS ludhiana. After that celebrated b’day of one my colleagues (Satinderpal Singh)

10th July, 2012 (Tuesday)

Started working on a project of diary in LaTeX. As I already mentioned I got a template from github for making of diary. Some work is done in php like date functions. with the help of i am able to understand the coding. Now started to make changes according to requirements. First requirement is print two days on one page. I am trying it ..

12th july, 2012 (Thursday)

Continue the work of diary. tried to improve the code to get the output but got nothing. Then discussed the problem with Sir. He was not happy with my performance. He told me to do it in different way. Then again search to get ideas. Then I came to about the calender package in LaTeX.

Now I am reading the manual first…

14th July, 2012 (Saturday)

Today is the day of evaluation of. When I reached TCC all were busy in preparing presentations and report. All have some problems regarding the LaTeX. They need my help. I solved the problem of all one by one. At last I came to know that there was some problem regarding page numbering in the template of report.

I was worried no one noticed it earlier not even me :P. Then spent some time on it and got a solution. :). Then updated the template and delivered to all.

After lunch time, I started working on my previous task(diary)….

19 July, 2012 (Friday)

Today finally I produced the first sample of diary. And asked for suggestions.

I have done many changes. Placed the logo in the header. No. of lines for Sunday gets reduced. But for other days there is same no. of lines.

20 July, 2012 (Saturday)

Today I am very happy. Finally I write the Punjabi language using LaTeX. I have to write the name of week days in Punjabi. I made an array of seven days and match the values with English week days.  Also added the quotation at the footer. On even page there is different footer from odd page.

23rd July, 2012 (Monday)

I am improving the code of php for Diary. Now the code is not working for even year. For odd year it doesn’t display the last day of the year.

Its a requirement that on one page there should be two days, If Sunday is there then days should be three. So its possible that on last page there can be one day. So Sir advised me to add the days of next year. But don’t knew that how to solve this problem. Then Sir advised me to do it with the help of arrays.With the help of Mandeep I solved the above problems. I also solve one more problem: I placed the logo in header. Logo merge with the content of the page. I need to mention header separation and and header height.

24th July, 2012 (Tuesday)

Previously I created the simple template. But today Sir told me to make the another sample of diary. I was given a task that one Sat and Sun comes page gets divide onto two halves. And the mean time I have done it. I faced a problem but solved that. Problem was horizontal lines were not parallel.  Here is the o/p:

25th July, 2012 (Wednesday)

One more error related to php
PHP Warning:  fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given. I understood the error but don’t know how to solve.

Vikas mahajan helped me to solve this problem. Solution was to declare the global variable with in the function. So finally I used the functions in my code. Now code looks better.

26th July, 2012 (Wednesday)

Sir asked me to put the different quotation on different page on footer. So I made an array of 160 values to put different quotations on different page. Also made some changes according to printer’s requirements.

31st July, 2012 (Wednesday)

Made another sample of diary. In this sample Friday, Sat and Sun always come together or can say that Sat ans Sun come at the bottom and put the logo in the first header of each page.

1st August, 2012 (Wednesday)

After improving the code put it on github:

6th August, 2012 (Monday)

So come back to my work after holidays of Rakhi. Waiting for Rai Sir’s reply on the code of Diary. In the mean time I start working on visiting card. I was given a task to make the template of visiting card in LaTeX. Today I made the template for one visiting card.

7th August, 2012 (Tuesday)

Today I searched how to put multiple visiting cards on a single page. I came to know the use of \multiput command. Then I implemented the concept and got some output. Then I got printed the one pages of visiting cards. Its my first output. I was very happy. 🙂 Then showed to everyone to get the reviews. Also showed to Rai Sir and got some suggestions to improve the output.

8th August, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today Sir told me to do imposition of pages of Diary. I thought I have already done it. But When I actually try do it, I struck to a problem. I have different files to imposed. But now I have all the pages in same pdf. Then I narrate the problem with Rai Sir. He told me that it was done earlier. Ask from seniors. Then I ask it on mailing list. Then I helped Sukhdeep in case of django. I don’t know much about django but just know some basics.

9th August, 2012 (Thursday)

Day starts with some motivational lecture from Rai Sir. He even asked from all of us the reason behind slow progress. I even told us to remove the differences if anyone have in between.
When Sir got out, Jasleen and Karamveer, Satinder and Sandeep resolved the issues between them. That time everyone decided to enjoy the party. At lunch time we enjoyed the cola with ice cream. 🙂  After that Sandeep discussed the problem with all of us. and asked for suggestions. Then Vigas helped her. Then Navdeep discussed the problem. I helped her.

10th August, 2012 (Friday)

I started doing imposition with the help of google. I got a link: Finally I have done it. Then I make documentation and updated the code on github.

13th August, 2012 (Monday)

Sir told me to produce three or four samples of a diary. I made few changes in such a way that one can easily produce the four samples by just changing the values in makefile.

Here are the samples:

14th August, 2012 (Tuesday)

Today printer came to TCC to check the samples of diary and also he gave us the few samples of cover pages and calender. He suggested many things to improve the samples. He like sample.

I was advised to change the color of header block to black. Improve the logo. So I made all these changes and checked it by printing one sample on a paper.

16th August, 2012 (Thursday)

I was given a task to make a visiting card using LaTeX. I made first sample on 7th August, 2012. It  need to improve. So made many changes to produce the cards of required size.

Here is the code with one sample:

It  just a template. Need to improve the output.

Also helped the Karamveer regarding django. She’s got a problem in poll application of Django.

18th August, 2012 (Saturday)

Today  is the seminar day of trainees of six weeks. Got to know deeply about their projects and suggested some improvements.

20th August, 2012 (Monday)

Day starts with seminar of remaining trainees of six weeks. After seminar We were asked the reason why progress is slowed down. What need to improve. Many things were discussed to raise the graph of progress.

21st August, 2012 (Tuesday)

I made four samples of visiting cards:

I just tried back and white and one sample is of three colors.  Soon I will make it web based.

As I already told Karamveer is working on django based poll application. She’s getting large problems. I need to help her So I have done it. 🙂

22nd August, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today I started to make the visiting cards web based. In that I got some error. I know thats minor mistake but I am unable to solve. Then I thought I will do it later. Then I started django with poll application. I have done two tutorials of that.  At the end of the day got a chance to attend Inderpreet’s presentation on Witty. It was awesome.

As I told I and Karamveer were assigned the same task so she got my help in django. Today itself I helped her.

23rd August, 2012 (Thursday)

Completed remaining two tutorials of poll application. During this application by mistake I used some dangerous command in a wrong way. So lost everything. 😥 But successfully take backup of my data. Then I reinstall Unbuntu and completed other installation procedures. Today was again the worst day of my training. 😦 .

Today I taught some basics of poll application to Sukhdeep and Karamveer.

24th August, 2012 (Friday)

The days started with a surprise that there was lot of rush in TCC hall and lot of disturbance. No one able to concentrate on their work. Tomorrow is my presentation so I need to prepare for it.  Also reinstalled the latex and other required softwares. And done with presentation. One good news was that Karamveer has made the login page in django by using the link which I recommended her.

25th August, 2012 (Saturday)

Today was a day of LUG seminar on LaTeX.

27th August, 2012 (Monday)

Started with django. I was given a project named souvenir and I have to make the changes in it. Major change is to add the crop option in it and many more. Firstly I have to learn the basics of django. I already done the one application i.e. polls in django which is given on djnago site. Today I reviewed the whole django application made for souvenir. I seems very difficult for me. So I was very sad today.

28th August, 2012 (Tuesday)

Today I thought just to add the things which I have required. So I started to add the crop option in django. I have done all the things but output is nothing. Again sad. I want Sandeep’s help but she was too busy in her project.

29th August, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today I asked Sandeep to help me. She recommend another link for the crop option. Then I tried that. But still got an error. 😦 Then I tried to do another tasks like validations thats also very difficult. Then I thought why not to start with small application. Hope next will be lucky one for me. 🙂 So will continue the work tomorrow.

Side by side I learned how to add choices in models file that helped Karamveer who was making who was making the souvenir for school.

30th August, 2012 (Thursday)

Today I made an application of addition of two numbers in django

5th September, 2012 (Wednesday)

It was Teachers day today. Had a great celebration today and that followed by some discussions with Rai sir.

After this, Sir gave me a task to make the brochure of TCC. First make the database then enter the details and then produce it using LaTeX, said be Rai Sir.

6th September, 2012 (Thursday)

I started the work of Brochure. First I make design of database. Then Discuss with all GD members. They suggest me few things And I updated that.

7th September, 2012 (Friday)

Today I started putting data in database. But at some point I feel database design  is not correct according to the requirements. Database should be such that it can be used for TCC Automation software, brochure and website of TCC.

10th September, 2012 (Monday)

After a lot of efforts I make the one more database. Discussed the with and All the students.

11th September, 2012 (Tuesday)

Now I started putting data in database. data is too large so it takes 3 days to enter the database.

12th September, 2012 (Wednesday)

Had LUG meet with junior members. Discussed on the plans of interviews that are to be conducted in LUG. The there was the presentation of Satinder. We had very good discussion after then related web 2 and many such healthy topics.

14th September, 2012 (Friday)

There was a presentation today by Satvir on Makefile. It was good but got really confused about the flags used in it.

After this I discussed about my task .e. designing of Brochure.

17th September, 2012 (Monday)

We took interviews of LUG in 2 shifts. So it was hectic schedule today.

18th September, 2012 (Tuesday)

First step is to fetch the data from database and verified from Rai Sir. I started making a script in php which fetch all the data from database once. I took Navdeep’s help as she know php very well.

19th September, 2012 (Wednesday)

In between Sir asked to complete the work of Diary. Select the quotations for the diary or ask GD memebers to do that. I put the mail on GD. All are replied with few quotations.

20th September, 2012 (Thursday)

Today I updated all the quotations for the diary and submitted to Rai Sir. He asked some suggestions  about designing of diary. I have to chnge it and make back and white. Because printer will assign the color.

21th September, 2012 (Friday)

Today I made the new design for diary and make it black and white. and asked for suggestions.

After that Planned for tommorow’s first this session’s LUG freshers meet.

1st October, 2012 (Monday)

As I was working on php script to fetch the data from database and to show the output on browse, I made all right. But one thing left.  i.e. Listing and one query. Also I helped Karamveer regarding souvenir.

3rd October, 2012 (Wednesday)

With the help of Navdeep, I correct the query. Then I send the details to Rai Sir for verification.

4th October, 2012 (Thursday)

Started Working on design part for Brochure. I have to make this in LaTeX.

After this, went to GND polytechnical college to introduce students about the open source and linux.

5th October, 2012 (Friday)

Today I made the make file which process the php file which fetch the data from database, then tex file is generated. this tex file was included in another tex file.

Harman described his problem about making of box in brlcad with the help of various files and script. He explained all the work flow and function flow in it. We all gave his suggestion to reduce the number of files inn the process. Then mandeep explained us the working of Make file. I understood that but still unable to understand about the flags used

6th October, 2012 (Saturday)

It was LUG members meet today. So discussed with them all about the events and duties assigned to each for organising the event.

Today I made another tex file which is configuration file and this file sets the margins and all about formatting. I included the tex file in this file which was generated by makefile.

8th October, 2012 (Monday)

It was path today in College Gurudwara Sahib. So was there in the morning, but then came back to TCC in the evening.

After lunch, We had an awesome discussion among GD members about our passion and how should we pursue it.

9th October, 2012 (Tuesday)

Daman described his software installation script to all of us. I find it good and working very fine.
As we are going to organise 2 LUG events, so had to prepare that. Got print outs of the posters of the events and got it pasted at various places in college.

10th October, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today I updated the makefile which directly produce the pdf from php file as : php-> tex->tex-> pdf.

10th October, 2012 (Tuesday)

When I restarted my computer I found an error related to blue-tooth. Error is :
“Failed to apply network settings
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.PermissionsInvalid: The permission of
the setuid helper is not correct You might not be able to connect to
the Bluetooth network via this machine.”

My system is dual boot. When I used to shutdown my system from ubuntu
I was getting ubuntu login screen. Also I was unable to see the
another drives of hard disk in ubuntu. Also If I was inserting the
pen-drive I have to mount it using command line. otherwise pen-drive
was not visible. Neither wi-fi nor wired networks were working.

But problem is solved now using single command: $ sudo dpkg –configure -a
Motive of sharing this is if any one of you will have this type of
problem then apply the above solution.

22nd October- 27th October, 2012 

Prepared for all the events for IGNITE 2012 ( tech fest) as I ma senior member of Linux User Group.

29th October, 2012 (Monday)

Today I finally set the background for brochure. Finaaly I completed the Brochure for TCC. 🙂

Today Rai sir returned from USA, so very much excited to meet him. He bought many stickers and flyers for each one of us. I got 4 named as : TYPO3, CGAL, GNU & Linux and E. These stickers are logo for organisations that participated in GSOC. So got to know about the organisations.

30th October, 2012 (Tuesday)

Did a lot of web search on best online payment solutions which is required to be used in Ukieri concrete website. So explored a lot of online transaction services for the same. Among them some good ones were : Paypal, wepal, eventavenue, ebs. They were compared on the basis of security, there range . But found ebs as best one after comparison.
Today, I myself ran daman’s script. Its runnning fine.

31th October, 2012 (Wednesday)

Today I started to make the Certificates web-based. So that everyone can generate certificate of their own. I started making User Detail form. For this form I am using Bootstrap.

At its core, Bootstrap is just CSS, but it’s built with Less, a flexible pre-processor that offers much more power and flexibility than regular CSS. With Less, we gain a range of features like nested declarations, variables, mixins, operations, and color functions. Additionally, since Bootstrap is purely CSS when compiled via Less, we gain two important benefits:
First, Bootstrap remains very easy to implement; just drop it in your code and go. Compiling Less can be accomplished via Javascript, an unofficial Mac application, or via Node.js (read more about this at
Second, once complied, Bootstrap contains nothing but CSS, meaning there are no superfluous images, Flash, or Javascript. All that remains is simple and powerful CSS for your web development needs.

1st November, 2012 (Thursday)

Set the calender fields using javascript. Then connect the form with database using php.

2nd November, 2012 (Friday)

Finally I ended up with the web-based certificates. User fill the form then submit the details. Details are stored in database. After that tex file get the information from database and tex file processed up using command :

$pdflatex filename.tex

This produce the pdf. User  get the link of “download the pdf” That it!!

5th November, 2012 (Monday)

Now I also have to make the diary web-based. For this I used the technology bootstrap. I made the user form for diary with fields Year, header, design and watermark. After submit button all details should stored in makefile which process all the files of diary to produce the pdf. But I have to read some php functions for this.

6th November, 2012 (Tuesday)

I read many functions of php which get the details after submission and then save them to a file in place of variables. then user get the link of download the pdf for diary.

7thNovember, 2012 (Wednesday)

Till now I made many applicaions using  LaTeX, but Was thinking about my project. What should be my project. I discussed with all the members of GD. Finally I was suggested to make a web interface that connects all the applications and set one name of the project.

But Still I am unable to decide the name of the project. 😦

8thNovember, 2012 (Thursday)

Now I searched for a template which served my purpose. After a lot of efforts I got how to do that.

9thNovember, 2012 (Friday)

Today Started with making of Web-interface. Ended up with the certificate and linking like live demo, source code and documentation.

12thNovember, 2012 (Monday)

Next is IGS Website. Put all the details on the web interface. Linking with see it live, documentation. Also helped Karamveer to make the project more attractive. Suggest her for a web-interface and putt all the things over here.

19thNovember, 2012 (Tuesday)

Ended up with the web-interface of my project and gave the title of project “HQ-Prints” It includes following products:

  • Certificates
  • Automated Yearly Diary
  • Brochure
  • Visiting Cards
  • Synopsis

2nd January, 2012 (Wednesday)

Made a template for Report according to the format given by college in LaTeX and uploaded the code on github to share with all members of GD  (Open Source) 🙂


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