Introduction to LaTeX

LaTeX  is a document markup language and document preparation system for the TEX typesetting
program. Within the typesetting system, its name is styled as LaTeX. LaTeX refers only to the language in which
documents are written, not to the editor used to write those documents. In order to create
a document in LaTeX, a .tex file must be created using some form of text editor. While most
text editors can be used to create a LaTeX document, a number of editors have been created
speci cally for working with LaTeX.
LaTeX is most widely used by mathematicians, scientists, engineers, philosophers, lin-
guists, economists and other scholars in academia. As a primary or intermediate format,
e.g., translating DocBook and other XML-based formats to PDF, LaTeX is used because
of the high quality of typesetting achievable by TeX. The typesetting system off ers pro-grammable

desktop publishing features and extensive facilities for automating most aspects
of typesetting and desktop publishing, including numbering and cross-referencing, tables and
gures, page layout and bibliographies.

LATEX was originally written in the early 1980s by Leslie Lamport at SRi international


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